Don’t call it a ComeBack!

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Star Quarterback Michael Vick, knows all about redemption. 3-time Pro Bowler, in six season took a struggling Atlanta Falcon team and turned them into a regular season contender. In the spring of 2007 Michael Vick was charged with illegal dog fighting , an operation that he ran at his Virginia home. He plead guilty and served almost 2 years in jail. Losing all monetary contracts and endorsements all in the process.

Fast Forward… In the second season with the Philadelphia Eagles, they traded Donovan Mcnabb and once named starte Kevin Kolb goes down due to injury the unexpected happens. Mike Vick number is called upon to lead the Eagles.  During the middle of the 2010 season coach Andy Reid announces Vick will be offically named starting quarterback for the remainder of the season. Vick goes on to win the next eight games on losing two. During that incredible un Vick has been restoring his name and image, trying to become that household name again while leaving the past behind him.

Almost 2 and 1/2 years without playing a game in the NFL, Vick comes back in the 2010 season and racks up over 3000 yards and 20+ TDs. His epic game against the New York Giants down by 21 in the 4thQtr coming back and leading the Eagles to yet another victory. He is undoubtedly the 2010 Comeback Player of the Year. However he didn’t win MVP of the season, he is the process of doing something no other athlete has done and thats becoming 2 time recipient on Madden cover.

I say he is back… SALUTE!

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I applaud Chevrolet for using excellent product placement when teaming up with box office hit Transformers. In this Michael Bay film, Chevrolet Camaro is portrayed as a character in the movie. I think placing a Chevy vehicle in a movie that toped sales world wide was a great move for their company. With the help of this movie Chevy Camaro has been a very popular car for the last 2 years.

In this form of product placement T-mobile uses HOF basketball player Charles Barkley & one time Finals ‘MVP’ Dwayne Wade to publicly place their Sidekick cell phones and create awareness to people all over the world. T-mobile knows that there are millions of basketball fans and by placing their product with star athletes will do more then get product out but build a brand with the players.

The All New 2011 Ford Explorer, Teaming up with actor/comedian Kevin Hart to place this product on the market. Kevin Hart began to re build his brand as a comedian with “Seriously Funny” . This dvd took his career to the next level by separating himself from the rest. With Kevin Hart starting to make his name stand out again, Ford seen an opportunity to have him push their all new 2011 Ford Explorer.

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ISC Topic #7

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Top 5 list of tips for future students in this class:

1. Take Dr.McArthur serious when he says “Keep up with your blog”- he will inform you the first week not to get behind because there are so many and they all require some time and effort.

2. Come to class- you will find mostly ALL of the you will learn something worth while in #COMM306

3.  BUY Sietel’s “The Practice of Public Relations”

4. READ Sietel’s “The Practice of Public Relations”

5. Keep up with your Twitter- everyone loves to Tweet so you won’t find this one very challenging even if your new to twitter you will eventually get addicted.


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“Like a good neighbor State Farm is there” …

I think that State Farm  has done an excellent job of re-inviting itself through its series of  funny commercials.  In the recent years Geico has done a fairly good job of controlling the market with their commercials staring the Geico Lizard. Presently, I don’t think that the lizard can compete with State Farm “Magic Jingle”.

I think one of their many commercials air on some channels countless times a day. I am one to believe that this form of advertising has paid off tremendously for State Farm company. It goes to show that you can create a household name for your company through humorous advertising.

 <—The Girl From 4 E

…And can I getta hot tub?

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“Get me outta’ here!”

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I wanted to blog about this commercial that T-mobile teamed up with Dwayne Wade to create an awareness about the new features of the side kick by allowing Wade to upload a live video from being locked in a bathroom. This is a great example of how PR and the media can take something and twist it into a big story. Miami Heat star player, was simply stating “Get Me Outta’ Here”, so that somebody would view the live message and be at his aide.

However, all other fans took the video misleading and turned a distress Dwayne Wade shouting, for him wanting out of Miami. It goes to show how careful you need to be once you place your self into the eyes of the public and as well be extra cautious of what you put out as live feed.

Although this was a humorous commercial just wanted to share how easily, video could be edited and twisted into a story that could possibly cause harm to a person or organization. Much like Shirley Sherrod case, for example .


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Reflecting on my semseter in COMM306 it was very educational and informative. At the begining of the course I had no idea what strategic communication was. I thought PR was just a small part of public media. At the conclusion of the semester I relieze that there is tons of small things and details that go into PR. I had this shallow defintion : ” I think that it deals with how an organization comes up with a idea or plan of action and carries it out within the company.”

Looking back I see that PR is so many other things as well. Also I got introduced to the skill of blogging, I think with a little more time and practice I might think of other opportunities. I learned how many career opportunities available for having a marketable skill in blogging. This class is one of the most beneficial course you can take at Queens to prepare your self for the real world. In some, way , shape or form you’ll be dealing with PR throughout your life

Shirley Sherrod Case

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Shirley Sherrod, the former Agriculture Department official who was falsely accused of giving a racist address to the NAACP.Mr. Breitbart published on his website a 2-1/2 minute clip of a video showing Sherrod at an NAACP luncheon, talking about how she did not use the full force of her office to help a white farmer. The clip set off a furor, resulting in Sherrod’s forced resignation.

However, Sherrod’s job status makes it more difficult to form a Libel case because she isnt considered a average citizen. The only chance she has of winning a case is proving that Mr.Breitbart acted in actual malice, which is already knowing he has causing harm to another individual. I think she has more then enough evidence to prove so, along with the video she is solid. I think it was great that she got her reputation back and restored her image , also government officials stepping up and apologizing and giving her a job again. Now she is doing a lot better off then she was before… Go figure!

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